About Us

An Extraordinary Love for The Craft

Creating Moments of Joy through Creativity


Tasha M. Thompson is an emerging artist who expresses herself in fabric and jewelry, which after years of practice, evolved into creating fashion and accessories first for her own pleasure and later with a range of requests from friends conceptualized the name Birdy Ann T Designs. 

The name Birdy Ann T Designs is a tribute to her mother Bernadette “Birdy”, and her aunt Patricia, “Ann”. 

Since then the offerings have been streamlined.  

During the fall, winter holiday 2020, our products will be offered in limited edition ranges.  Our full catalog launches in Spring 2021. 

We are open to wholesale, collaborations, private label and investors.  Feel free to contact us with any inquires or suggestions. 




Crafted passionately

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

I’m proudly known as Birdy Ann T Designs, and I’m native to Western Massachusetts.  I became a handcrafter in December of 2013 at a local school fair.  At that time I only had the desire to sew pillows.  In the beginning it was very difficult for me to see beyond my own limitations and increase my knowledge so that I could design other items.  During that time I was chastised greatly by others because I couldn’t see the greatness in my craft skills that others could see in me. 




Carefully Handcrafted


Over the years I have allowed myself to expand my knowledge in other areas of sewing, and I also learned how to make handcrafted jewelry.  I have now made a multitude of items to share with my audience, and I look forward to continuous self-growth and self-development of my skills and talents as I continue this journey. 

Hooty Hoot!