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Brand: wine stoppers

Hand assembled free flowing, 3 dimensional Wine Stoppers.

Long-Stem and Short-Stem three ring rubber Wine Stoppers have removable rubber rings to accommodate the neck bottle size.

Creatable Wine Stopper rubber is non removable. It fits snuggly into the standard size wine bottle.

** For decorative and serving usage only. Not recommended for long term storage. Handwash after each use.

Dimensions: Stopper is 4-5 " Length, (depending on selected style)

Beading: assortment of glass seed beads and acrylic beads including miscellaneous jewelry findings.

** Handcrafted wine stoppers will include 4 complimentary wine markers.

Introductory (at cost) price until February 28, 2021.

Sample sale. Fresh from our design studio.

Only available while supplies last.

These are one of a kind offerings.

Birdy Ann T Designs products are made solely with you in mind. Our products incorporate natural and semi precious beads within a multitude of our designs and are made to tell a story.

What does your winestopper say about you?

Birdy Ann T Designs is an emerging artist whose creations are constantly evolving.

Products will frequently change and are subject to availability.

******** Return Policy: Once your item is purchased, there are NO returns. ********

30 day limited repair warranty is provided if our product has a defect during its creation. Otherwise if the damage is self-inflicted, there will be a fee involved to repair your design if the item is repairable.

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